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Sponsorship & Collaborations


If you believe that Diana Casalis could be a great match for your brand I will be happy to hear from you.

Please note that I select carefully the places, brands and products that I work with so that our equity is fully respected and I make sure that my readers will appreciate what I select.

If you wish to sponsor a column or a post.

Contact me at:


I am looking forward to hearing from you!

By Studio Norrit


Please note that Banner Ads are available on the blog. If you think that DIANACASALIS.COM will be a great way to reach your future clients please send an email to:
reachme@agence-me.ch  and mention DIANA CASALIS on the email to know the conditions and pricing.

By Studio Norrit


If you wish to send me an event invitation or you wish me to visit your property or restaurant I will be super happy to hear from it.

Gifting is accepted however this does not guarantee placement.

If you wish to send me something or discuss a collaboration please email me to:



All restaurant reviews, travel destinations and places are 100% independent reviews. I do get sometimes invited to try new restaurants, but it does not influence my opinion of the place or what I think of the food.

I tend to have a quite packed agenda so it is easy: if I do not like it I do not write about it. Simple and effective. Everything you will find here is from the heart straight to you.

I do fashion and brand collaborations to sponsor and maintain the blog alive and full of exciting content. All brands are carefully selected and I favor local designers, small brands and cute little findings.

For the shootings I also get borrowed some of the accessories and garments, so I do not need to purchase things I will only use to close a look. This does not mean I do not love the piece, it is just that I TRY (really hard) to not have a wardrobe full of things I do not use regularly.

THANK YOU! In advance for your interest in DIANACASALIS.COM

Looking forward to reading you!


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